Lab Members

Current Members

Dakota Clayton


Kate Florence

Kate is a Junior from Rock Island, IL. She is a student in the college of Applied Health Sciences majoring in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences with a minor in Psychology. Kate plans to attend medical school after graduation.

Kate Green *


Cydney Natzke

Cydney is a Junior from Mundelein, IL. She's an Interdisciplinary Health Sciences and Political Science double major with a minor in business. Her goal is to go into the Healthcare Policy field after graduating.

Brielle Ross**


Karthik Satish


Laura Quintero Silva

My research interest focuses on health experiences and health-disease processes in palliative care and at the end-of-life. I am particularly interested in understanding how organizational, socio-economic, cultural and public health factors influence the delivery of psychological support in palliative care across cultures, and how policy supports palliative care practices for older adults.

Past Members

  • Natalie Noonan
  • Alisha Steging
  • Gabby Johnson

* Students pursuing applications, research, and knowledge Application (SPARK) program

**Student Aging Researchers in Training (START) program